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Intelligent Solutions

AI and Smart Solutions

Computer Circuit Board

Low Current Systems

Communication , networking , Data System

Automation and Control Systems

PLC  / RTU – Remote Terminal Units Alarm & Event Management System Condition Monitoring Systems &  Automation & Control Systems

Physical Security Systems

Video Surveillance, Video Management Systems, CCTV ,Physical Access Control ,Intrusion Detection and Monitoring, Robotics Asset & Performance monitoring

Image by Christopher Burns

Intelligent IIOT Solutions

Connected Assets & Connected Process

into field asset performance and sustainability

Operational  intelligence

from relevant data sources including sensor and telemetry data systems (SCADA, DCS, PLC, RTU, etc.)

Predictive & Prescriptive

that optimizes maintenance schedules and reduces maintenance costs and output monitoring using ML algorithms to predict and respond to production fluctuations.

Computer Circuit Board

AI Based inspection solution

AI based solutions with advanced data analytics deliver optimal operational control and insight, while reducing overall costs and downtime. inspection of pipeline and accurate insight in to maintence.

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